40 Before 40 Part One

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Greetings everyone!

How are you? Whatcha been up to? I've just been here getting it together. You know, QUEENIN!

Since we've last talked, I turned 35! I'm actually excited to be 35. I think it's due to me looking 27 (I know that I'm tooting my own horn! Not sorry)! I enjoy being blessed with  another year to get it right. Here's the thing; I don't feel like an adult sometimes. I just feel like I'm walking through life trying to figure it out as I go. Although the title of my blog states I'm "Living For A Living", I'm really not. I've been barely getting by. Woking long hours and ignoring my creative side has really made my scales unbalanced.

I plan to fix that starting NOW! Not only did I sign up for a vision board class (coming up this weekend), I also made a 40 before 40 list. I figure I have 5 years (Lord willing) to do 40 things that bring joy to my entire being and excitement to my life. I also figure I should write the vision and make it plain. Habakkuk 2:2. So here goes half of my list....

1. Learn to swim
2. Skinny Dip (With my spouse)
3. Have abs (Or close to it lol)
4. Walk down the streets of DC with an afro
5. Wear only red lipstick with no other make-up (I have skin issues)
6. Walk on the beach with a two piece no matter what
7. Buy a car brand spanking new
8. Dance in the rain
9. Change my career
10. Create something epic
11. Take a girls trip with two friends/sisters
12. Buy a poodle and name him Tyrone
13. Have dinner in France
14. Ride a bike (it's been years)
15. Enjoy First Class
16. Ride a Camel
17. Cut off more than half my hair
18. Make self care a priority
19. Write a book (finish what I started)
20. Get another tattoo

Now, I know some of this is pretty basic BUT it's the little things that make life worth living. What's on your list? Have you even made a list?

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  1. Great list. I am only 1.5 years until 40. Let's learn to swim together and think we should take a trip to see Bruno Mars in my hometown New Orleans. It is the weekend before the Dallas show. My time next year before 40 I just want to have more silly and unconventional fun. Creatives just want to have fun.