Gold Digger?

Hello GREAT people!

Before you read, watch this!

Okay! Let's get to it!

I've read a ton of commentary via Facebook about how these two will never find a man and how much of a gold digger they both are. Some people have even went as far as to call them out their name and make fun of their looks. My thoughts may surprise you. While I agree  that they were over the top and could have been nicer; I also think that when it comes to looks, your preference is your preference. 

I thought it was a bit much to make them look unappealing to the ladies. Let's be real. How we look is the first thing our potential mate sees. Its really the only thing we have to go by until we get to know someone. One date does not allow you to get to now someone. Lets turn the tables. Rarely do men date women they are not physically attracted to.  I asked my husband if he date someone he wasn't physically attracted to and within a half of a second he stated NO. But women are supposed to? Hmmmmmm.....

Now, I do think it's rude to ask people how much they make. She was WAY out of line. When I was on the dating scene, I would simply ask them what they did for a living. Then if they made it past phase one (hehe) I would check out how they lived. What they drove. How they carry themselves. 
How they dressed. Here's why:

Dating in your 30s is different. I would only date potential if you were at least half way to your goal. Why? Because at this point in life I'm real grown! If you're thinking about raising a family and all that jazz, a man has to be at a point in his life where he's stable enough to do that. Now, this is my advice for ladies in there 30's. If you're in your 20's (early or mid) date as much potential as you like. Have fun. Travel. Live life! It got real in my 30s. I needed someone who was doing just as good as me or better. To be honest, I think thats fair. My dad planted that seed in me. He taught me that a man was supposed to take care of his family and provide.

Also, the best thing in life for me right now is knowing that if I don't have it, he got it. He got me. Potential may not be a soft pillow to fall on, but stability is. These ladies were over the top with their demands in our eyes, maybe. To me, deep down inside, we all want someone to take care of us. Not just financially either. We forget that men used to be the main bread winner. That women were put in positions where they could nurture and teach their children. Society has made it where the lines are blurred and now we have to be independent. In some cases, because we want to be. 

In closing, I would like to say there were a ton of things wrong in this short video. At least the women know what they want so that a man can take them at face value. We always say ask God for what you want specifically. We can't really fault them for that. Who knows. Maybe they will get exactly what they want (and the baggage that comes with it). Or maybe they will adjust and settle for the expectations that WE told them they should have....shrugs.


  1. Love this, Jessica! You made some great point, especially how men would never talk to a woman they weren't attracted to, but women are expected to.
    -Ebby Lane

  2. Hello lovely lady, very well the blog. And so true for many of us.