Big Chop or Transition???

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Recently I've been asked how I feel about the subject of transitioning  over big chop. Personally, I'm a HUGE fan and advocate of the big chop. However, I also feel like the transition method is great if you're not sure what you want to do. Here's a few reasons why I think the big chop was best for me.

1. I didn't have to deal with two different hair types.
2. I didn't have to deal with breakage from having two different hair types.
3. I was able to see my hair type sooner than if I was to transition.
4. I was able to grow to love my face. There wasn't anything hiding it.
5. I had a better handle on how to style my hair and what products I liked quicker. All I had was natural hair so I didn't have to style it for both textures and I didn't have to worry about what products would work for both OR wear my hair in a bun or roller set.

I could go on and on of the benefits that I experienced BUT they're also some draw backs (or what someone would consider draw back).

1. The shock of having little to no hair.
2. If you weren't sure about "going natural" theres no turning back.

That's really all I could come up with. There are a few great things about the transition method.

1. You can always slap on a relaxer if you don't like it or the process.
2. No shock from a super short haircut.
3. Less whining from your spouse/significant other. I know tons of men who have said don't cut your hair to short. I get it but.....

I've big chopped four times. My first time was in 9th grade. I was 14 and it was Spring. My second time was my Senior year. My third time was after a break up in my early 20's. My forth time was the end of January in 2009. This was the ONLY time it was on accident. I had just gotten my twist taken out by a stylist. I asked her to trim my hair. I only looked up when I heard the clippers. I wanted to cry. As soon as I left I went to the beauty supply and purchased 3 bundles of weave and did my own quick weave. I kept it in for three weeks. When I took the weave out and washed my hair, I fell in love with it! I dyed it black and wore it out. I haven't looked back since.

Whatever method you decide on, do it for you.

Here's a couple of videos to inspire you on both ways.


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