The Run Down- GIVE AWAY!!!


Hello everyone! As a sign of my appreciation for your continued support, I wanted to have our first ever give away!  My favorite product right now is pillow soft curls. My hair is soooo soft and my curls are more defined. All you have to do is post your favorite Blogging While Single post and tag me in it on Face Book. Simple as that! If you do not have a Face Book account, email me at You can post as many times as you would like. Each post is an additional entry! Were also on Twitter, Jessica_BWS. You can follow me and repost and it will also count as an entry.  Good luck ladies!


Here’s an update on my 21 day challenge. Truly, it has been a challenge. Finding time and energy to exercise every day is tough but I know I have to. As of today I’ve lost two lbs since Monday. I’m hoping I can keep it up and make my 7lb 7inch goal by the 16th. Below are pics of what went down diet wise this week.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday got me feeling lint in my pockets. Geesh! I went deal overboard. Friday was my first time ever shopping at Hautelook. I bought a snake print Jessica Simpson dress and a plain black one just like it. I also bought a cute pear of moccasin like shoes. All for under 130.00; which is a great deal if you know how much Jessica Simpson usually runs for. I also thought I’d get my elf swag on and bought green shoes from JC Penny, along with other things. I don't know what to wear them with. I’m horrible matching colorful shoes with clothes. Maybe I’ll wear a leopard print turban with my black dress and green shoes. Or maybe not…. I also bought the 99 dollar camera that was at Target. It tok FOREVER!                                                                                                      

 Turban love! I follow a group on Instagram by the name of Natural hair does care. Every Thursday isTurban Thursday. I work in corporate America so I’ve never been able to participate. Finally, I workedfrom home on Thursday and rocked my turban with my favorite lipstick (Mac Russian Red).
Last but not least, I have a Ratchet Moment to discuss. Okay, most of my friends know that I have a slight country/hood/ratchet side of me. With that said, I LOVE to watch country/hood/ratchet things on You Tube. I know, I know, the ratchet struggle is real. Anyway, I can’t stop watching Issa Rae’s Ratchet Piece Theatre. Yes, that's the name of it. It’s so inappropriate on every level. Her commentary has me cracking up. The language is horrible though so I’m not going to post the video but……….

So, how was your week? Don’t forget to post in order to get put into the drawing! Have a blessed rest of weekend!  


  1. What is Hautelook? Where is this store? Both dresses are fab and the black one can easily be paired with your new green shoes! And that turban is haute!!!

    1. Hey Kim!It's an online store that has last call designer items for half the price or more.Thanks! I couldn't decide so I got both. I will be wearing the green shoes with the black dress. I will now be incorporating turbans more often.