Thanksgiving is now upon us! I have so many things to be thankful for. I wanted to focus on five specific things today. I wanted to go deeper than the normal things people say and really uncover some things that I  wouldn’t normally tell anyone. Sure, I pray everyday and every night and tell God thank you for everything He’s done but I only scratch the surface.

5. I’m thankful for my community. The people that I surround myself with always give me sound advice and tell me the truth when I need it. Even though, at times, it seems like I’m not listening or I say whatever. I’m always listening and soaking up everything. It’s not just one or two people either. I would say around ten to fifth teen. I can only hope and pray that I would mirror the examples I have been given.

4. Truth. Last year I was into it with a friend. I went to another friend with the issue. She was very truthful in the words that she said to me. “Jessica, why are you so mad? People will always disappoint you.You can’t expect people to be the same type of friend you are. Be thankful that you now know how this person is and its your choice whether you accept it or  walk away from the friendship.” That was the best advice I’ve gotten in the last four years I’ve been in Dallas. From that moment my expectations of all my friends changed. I no longer expected them to do what I would do for them. I can only control my actions and be the best friend that I know how to be.

3. Acceptance. The saying goes; when someone shows you who they are believe them. Well, I choose the accept them. If I know someone is a thief, I accept it and take my purse everywhere I go. If someone is a liar, I accept it and not believe most of what they say. I still love them. Everyday my friends accept me. At times I can be fun and out going and at other times I can have an attitude. You can totally have my attention or my mind can be somewhat far away. I can become very distant and seem bored even when I’m not. I’ve always been this way and my friends have always accepted that about me. I have to accept them as well.

2. My job. This summer I received an offer to work in a new department. I told people close to me about this new opportunity  and received negative feed back from each one of them. I almost let it kill my spirit. I had to remind myself of what I had been asking God for. I wanted a challenge and to learn new things. Fast forward to today. I’m not only growing and learning new things, I now have the opportunity to write! I have a manager that believes in me and wants to help fulfill my goals. That's what I call  favor.

1. Healing. When I finally listened to God and moved from my hometown to a place where I barely knew anyone, I was able to start the healing process. Removing myself from the negativity that I let consume me allowed me to start the process to heal. Hurt people, hurt people. I had to face the fact that I was still hurting. I needed to heal my relationship with myself before I could start mending relationships with other people. Once I found peace within, I was able to make peace or forgive most of the people that I held a grudge with. I also had to learn that I can’t heal others. I can pray for them and if need be, I can love them from a distance. I decided that I can’t allow anyone to take my joy or my peace again.
What are you thankful for? Lets discuss. I pray that everyone has a great holiday. Remember, be thankful everyday!

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  1. I most thankful that it is never too late for a new beginning. No matter how painful a situation or circumstance may be there is life after it and most of the time it is always better. Thank God for life after the pain.

    1. Thanks Ms. Morgan! Your right, most of the time its better. Something about how bright the sun shines after the storm.... Have a blessed week!

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