My 21 Day Challenge Top 5

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post , Why I Hired A Trainer. For the last two weeks my trainer has been asking me to join the gyms 21 day challenge. I’ve told him I don’t know several times. I know, I’m supposed to be eating right and exercising anyway right? Right! I finally said yes. Monday at 5:30 I will be weighing in and getting measured. Here are the top five changes I will be making in order to stay on course and make a much needed life style change.

5. Make goals. This is important for me to stay on course. My goals for the next 21 days will be to lose at least 7 lbs and 7 inches. AT LEAST!

4. Be held accountable. I’ve told a couple of my friends the plan for the next 21 days. I also convinced my sister to join me! I push myself more when I know someone is watching and keeping me on the up and up. I will also do the same for her.

3. Be prepared. diet 2 I tend to snack and overeat when I’m at my desk or when I’m bored.  I’ve got to make sure I have healthy snacks with me at all times. I also have to make sure I bring my lunch to work. When I bring my lunch, I’m in control of my calories. I know what I put in my food and where it came from.  (That's my shopping basket).

2. Get to moving! I have to have a workout plan. On my 21 day challenge I plan to work out EVERYDAY! No exceptions! On Mondays and Thursdays I see my trainer. That means I have five more days to switch it up. diet 1 Below are my two secret weapons. Taebo express gives me 8 ten minute workout options. Two before bed or two when I wake up. Beyonce Live will allow me to dance, which is my favorite thing to do. It will also allow me to listen to great music while burning calories. I also bought a Groupon for boxing classes at a local gym. I can wait to hit something!

1. PRAY! In order to have a clear mind and a clear focus, I must pray. Being connected body, mind, and soul helps me to reach my goals. Prayer strengthens me when I get weak. Its like B12, only better.

JOIN ME! Please join the challenge. Email me at Lets connect! I will send you updates and recipes along with encouraging words. Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing your info or blogging about anyone's progress. But, if you would like to join the challenge and you are willing to share your weigh loss story, I would be happy to blog about it. I will be giving updates every week on my progress. 
Peace and Blessings to you all!

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