Ain't No Valentine

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Hey Ya'll!

As some of you may know (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook), in the last year I've relaunched JCAdorn as a custom T-Shirt brand. I've been so busy and excited building and getting to connect with other entrepreneurs.

At first, I was all over the place. I was making things and trying all sorts of things that had nothing to do with honing my skills as a Custom T-Shirt artist. Everything from my logo to my website was all over the place. And then it happened! A friend added me to a building your brand group and my life changed.

In the last three months I've not only learned new things, I've taught other people new things as well. I've been giving one on one classes on how to start your own t-shirt business and how to make them. I get so many DM's asking for tips and questions that I decided to send out a weekly email with FREE tips on how to start a business, build a business, and be about your business. Feel free to join the email list at the bottom of the page!

Soooooo, about the title......

I was asked a zillion times WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING FOR VALENTINES! At first I was like, hmmmmmmm. What am I going to do? I bought stuff to make blinged out champagne glasses, jars for make-up brushes, a few red t-shirts, valentine colors in vinyl, and the list goes on and on! I looked in my Black Girls Craft Group and I was overwhelmed by things to do. Keep in mind, January had just began. Then I looked in my branding group. NO ONE was talking about Valentines day. NO ONE was going out of their way to offer something that wasn't in their lane. It clicked! AINT NO VALENTINES Bihhhhhhhh!

No where does my brand scream HAPPY VALENTINES. I'm not making soaps or candles or mushy t-shirts. How about I stay in my lane and practice and focus on what I'm good at. Serving other business owners and the general public by making dope Tees. Going out of my lane, is neglecting flow. Neglecting flow takes me out of alignment and leaves me stressed. No one has time for that!

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