My Year Off and What's to Come!

It's been exactly a year since I posted anything. There were many nights where I sat here thinking and typing but I never hit publish. I felt like my creativity had dripped out of my finger tips and had been soaked up in the carpet. I was somewhat lost for words. In the beginning I felt like it was the anxiety I was having over changing my blog name. When I started my blog I was somewhat content with being single and I was dating. Not steady, just dating. I felt like I wouldn't be married for years. Boy, was I wrong. It took me until June to come up with a name and it took me another 3 months to buy the domain. This may be the last time you see a post from Blogging While Single. The new name (I think) is Jess Is Moore (yes, my new last name is Moore). This gave me even more anxiety because of all the ifs ands and buts I always put myself through. Hopefully now that I have a new name and working on a new layout, I will feel more creative. For the last few months I've felt as if I was loosing myself. Anywho, here's what I've been up to these past 365 days!

I got hitched! April 27th in Las Vegas! Yes, Vegas. I didn't want to spend the money (that I didn't have) on a wedding. It intimate and private. Almost perfect.

I also traveled to a few places. We went to San Diego for our Honeymoon. I also went to New Orleans with a friend, and I went to New York to visit my Aunt with my sister for my birthday! I went to the Wendy Williams show and she told me happy birthday! Highlight! We ate soooooooo good!

2014 was a great year for my hair as well! I tried new things and new products. Here's my year hair review. It's also posted on my Instagram (jessie9981). I promise to make a list of my fave products for you!

I picked up sewing. I plan o do a lot more sewing projects in 2015. I also spent some quality time with the people I love most!

Last but definitely not least, I started the book in the pic above. You are a BADASS! This book is awesome! I have a whole list of books to read this year. Please join me!
It Always Seems Impossible Until its Done
Get a Life NOT a Job
What the most Successful People do Before Breakfast
Me Before You (Next on my list)
Secrets of Six Figure Women
Crazy Rich Asians 



  1. I loved it!! I enjoyed reading about your amazing year. It made me realize that I need to do something with my own life. Lol...I am looking forward to what's to come, and the new blog. Thanks Jess

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! I can't wait to see what God has for us in this new season! Happy New Year!

  2. Hey!!! Congrats and welcome back. Looking forward to hearing more. I adore you hair, SUPER CUTE!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm ready to get back into the swing if things.

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