"I Guess I Forgot What I Came Here For..."


Have you ever opened the fridge or went into another room and asked yourself, “What did I need from here?”  I have an even better one. Have you ever went to Wal-Mart or Target for ONE product but somehow came out with a hundred bucks worth of everything except the product that you needed? This also happens when referring to our purpose or goals we set for ourselves. We lose sight of what we came here for.

Being distracted has always caused me to lose sight of what I really needed to be doing. Example: I've been talking about blogging for over a year now. I just recently (November 1st, 2012) started my blog. It took me all of twenty minutes to set up my page. I spent a couple of weeks before planning topics to write (almost none of which I've used). What distracted me? Fear! Fear of failure. Fear of no one reading it. Fear of hurting someone’s feelings with my realness. Sad, but true. I let fear drive me into delaying my number one goal and withholding information that someone might have needed.

How could I forget that my testimony was not for my journal but for the world? How could I forget the vision that God had given me as a young adult? How could I ignore my passion and deny someone water for their thirst? Thank God for friends who encouraged me to not operate in fear. At the end, I recognized how lame it was for me to focus on all the negative and not the positive.

Now that I am over my fear (and myself) I have flourished. I've gotten countless comments and encouraging emails. People have emailed me to let me know that something I said encouraged them or helped them in some sort of way. I've gotten comments that are so sweet and I've also gotten advice (which is priceless).
Are you in place where you've forgotten what you came here for? Ask yourself this; what am I gaining by not doing what’s on my heart to do? 

The Detached Libra

Hello everyone! Oh how I've missed my blog. Been dealing with some "situations" so I've been at a loss of words or dare I say it, DETACHED, this past week. I sat in front of my laptop twice with a zillion words in my head. Unfortunately, the words were not at my fingertips. I went through a break up a couple of weeks ago so I am feeling even more detached from everything and everybody. BUT, I'm also feeling a bit carefree and a bit jolly... Hmmmm, strange.

Their element is Air. Air signs can often seem detached, cold. and aloof. Air signs can often be kind, caring, loving towards others, open minded at accepting others for how they are, Original, value freedom- after all Air is space and air signs do require this. Air signs are the mind and the intellect. As most air signs, Libra is a great communicator and do indicate logic. As well as the positives to air signs and libra, there are negative attributes as well. Those who do know us well, can say sometimes we live in a fantasy world, which isn't always bad because we will come up with inventive ways to approach things or make things original, so to say we pull things out of thin air. Though our fantasy world can make us not realize the real world and can make us have trouble dealing with it. Air can be detached, from reality and other people's feelings, and can come off as emotionless. As air does care for others and enjoys being around other people and helping those out in need, and fixing a problem where we can analyze the situation, we can appear foggy and musty when we are detached. Read more here!

 The Libra is known for being detached. We are nice at first but then once you try to build a relationship with us (friendship) we can seem a little off putting or stuck up.   Not the case. For me the problem comes after the initial meeting. It's weird for me to get to know new people. I feel somewhat awkward. I think being detached is a way of putting up a guard or a diversion. I once had a friend who told me she tried to be my friend for a while. I also had someone I serve in ministry with tell me that he thought I was kinda stuck up but once he got to know he thought differently. 

I think I can be quiet at times around people I don't know. I make judgments in my head lol. I know, so wrong. This is how my bubble looks: "Something about her I don't like. Why is she asking me so many questions? Why does she want my number? I don't have room in my circle!" Those are my exact thoughts most of the time. For some reason (childhood probably) I think someone always has a motive. Working on that one...

I also become detached when emotional situations arise. When I see someone in a bad situation or feel soryy for someone. Example: I was at Disney World and seen a kid in a wheelchair while the other kids were running around. That kid was on my mind for atleast an hour. Also, I'm in a position where people tell me problems all the time. I feel like I detach myself so that I won't put myself in the situation or get to involved with it. I'm a fixer so when someone comes to me with a problem I try to fix it or give them suggestions on how to fix it. I had to learn that some people want to tell you there issues but want you to shut up and not give advice or try to fix it. This is hard for me because when I have an issue I automatically put my thinking cap on to figure out a way to solve it or dissolve it. I probably need to be sitting on someones couch.

And yes! I do live in a fantasy world sometimes. I talk to myself and think of stuff in my head that is ridiculous. That's why I love being at home by myself. I get to have so many ideas! Which brings me to the next installment of my Libra series. I'm an introvert acting as an extrovert. No worries! We will get to the positive......Until next time...................

When the Libra is Not so Balanced....

Libra Traits: The Balanced Ones, the Libra are tactful, fair and charming to the core. They are attractive people, and their calm, easy-going demeanor is sure to attract a lot of attention from the others. Often balanced in their approach to others and the life situations, the Libra are diplomatic and amiable, and find it difficult to say no to anyone. They are also prone to indecision and may also be alleged as insincere and artful. Overall, they may be selfish sometimes, may even be detached, but are rarely back-stabbers. More traits here!

It feels good to be called "The Balanced Ones". Here lately I have not been so balanced. Why? Because I have not been able to really have the time of reflection that I normally have ( well, part of the reason). I am a true Libra which means I am selfish to some degree (a high degree). I NEED my me time. I need my reflection time. I need to think and regroup. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had that. 

Saturday, however, I was able to. I was able to spend the morning thinking and planning and plotting my next move. I was able to clean and talk to myself (AKA, dance in the middle of the living room). I was also able to hang with some pretty down to earth ladies that I haven't laid eyes on in a minute. We went to the art festival and I only took two pictures and the ladies I was with didn't take any. Do you know how good that feels?! Why does that feel good you ask? Because I didn't have to stop or pose or take pictures for someone or myself. I was able to soak in the moment. I was able to laugh and be silly without posing. I was able to enjoy my friends and not worry about my shiny face. Memories are not tied to pictures. Pictures are tied to memories...

Am I back to the balanced Libra that I know and love? Not quite but I think a spa day and a hair appointment will fix that quick, fast, and in a hurry! I know, so selfish lol. Next week we will tackle the "Detached" Libra. Yes, I can be very detached at times. Until next time.....

Chicken with the Head Cut Off!

Hello everyone! How have you all been??? First off, let me say I am missing my blog and the blog community. Every since I've started a side business I've been running around like a chicken with the head cut off! I have at least two wrap appointments everyday AND I have a 9-5 AND ministry. What does this mean? It means I have to do better at time management.  Point. Blank. Period. I decided to only make wrap appointments on certain days unless its an emergency (weddings, birthdays, ect.) and only ship packages on certain days as well. I didn't know how much time shipping packages really took up until I had more than one to ship! My business is really taking off so I have to start putting up some boundaries now before my personal life takes a hit (like it already has). If you haven't read my last post click here! to see what exactly I've been up to.

Also, if your a "regular" , notice anything different??? My blog has been getting a mayor update around here. Not quite done yet. I still have to add some info. Any tips? I will gladly take some lol. I met the nicest, kindest Etsy dealer (Trina) back when I first started blogging. She designed my blog and I have once again come to her for a face lift. She is VERY reasonable and literally held my hand and made design decisions I couldn't make lol. I know, I'm a mess. I can't wait to finish! I decided to start offering sponsorship and advertising. Again, I need advice PLEASE lol!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I can't wait to get back on track NEXT week. I have some fun things in store and a GIVEAWAY coming real soon! Until next time...........................

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