Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Hair Edition

Hello, lovely ladies (and a few gents)! I hope everyone's week has been fabulous. I never write any TBT (throw back Thursday)  post and thought it would be fun to jazz it up a bit around these parts. Here is how my hair journey started...

 As you can see, at one years old I still didn't have enough hair to put in a ponytail. I was born bald headed and could barely wear bows lol. My sister on the other hand, geesh! She was only three and had enough hair to make a horse jealous.

 Oh look, high school! What was I thinking lol. It was prom and I decided to be different by rocking braids.....

 Right after graduation I was rocking a bob. This was always my go to hair style. I would love to go to a long bob now. Hmmmmm....

Can you say unbeweaveable!? If all else failed all I needed was some glue and 14inch bag of silky yacky!

More weave right before my 4th and final big chop!

After my big chop, I wore this wig for months. I would wear my hair out every now and then, but I loved this wig so much during my in between phase that I just couldn't go without it.

Back to the bob! One year after my chop I decided to cut it once more. I loved this hair cut! My hair grows like weeds so it didn't last long at all.

At an 80's party at church a few years ago. I thought I was to cute lol.

Last but not least, my favorite bob. The layered bob. This had to be like 6 years ago. Notice a trend here?

That's all for TBT! What's your favorite hair style and how are you rocking it now? Please feel free to discuss. Until next time...................


  1. Loved getting to see your journey!! My favorite hairstyle is long and straight. Pretty boring, I know, but that's always how my hair has been...except for now!! Now I'm natural and loving the different things I can do with my hair. I'm still working towards my go to hairstyle, minus the straight part...LOL!

    1. Thank you Mionna! I just found a go to a few months ago. I think long and straight has it's upside. It's easier to put in a ponytail and a lot quicker lol.

  2. I love hair journeys! Your hair is so healthy. I'm natural, and I'm always changing it up, wigs, braids, and twist outs! I'm wearing a curly lace front wig this week! I'm getting in touch with my inner Dianna Ross! lol

    1. LOL, I love to switch it up too. I used to wear wigs but Texas can way to hot lol. LOL@ my inner Diana.

  3. love all of your hairstyles! especially the curly looks
    thanks so much for linking up with saturday morning coffee today!

  4. i love your hair evolution. first time over here :)

    xoxo, TOI