Wordless Wednesday and GIVEAWAY!

Lets start with an amazing GIVEAWAY! Jesika over at With Love, Jesika, is hosting a huge giveaway and I'm apart of it! Want a $25 Sephora gift card along with 2 Essie nail polishes and MORE?  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here lately I've been in kind of a writing funk for various reasons. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've decided to give you a few pictures of my emotions over the last month. Enjoy!

Throw Back Thursday: Hair Edition

Hello, lovely ladies (and a few gents)! I hope everyone's week has been fabulous. I never write any TBT (throw back Thursday)  post and thought it would be fun to jazz it up a bit around these parts. Here is how my hair journey started...

 As you can see, at one years old I still didn't have enough hair to put in a ponytail. I was born bald headed and could barely wear bows lol. My sister on the other hand, geesh! She was only three and had enough hair to make a horse jealous.

 Oh look, high school! What was I thinking lol. It was prom and I decided to be different by rocking braids.....

 Right after graduation I was rocking a bob. This was always my go to hair style. I would love to go to a long bob now. Hmmmmm....

Can you say unbeweaveable!? If all else failed all I needed was some glue and 14inch bag of silky yacky!

More weave right before my 4th and final big chop!

After my big chop, I wore this wig for months. I would wear my hair out every now and then, but I loved this wig so much during my in between phase that I just couldn't go without it.

Back to the bob! One year after my chop I decided to cut it once more. I loved this hair cut! My hair grows like weeds so it didn't last long at all.

At an 80's party at church a few years ago. I thought I was to cute lol.

Last but not least, my favorite bob. The layered bob. This had to be like 6 years ago. Notice a trend here?

That's all for TBT! What's your favorite hair style and how are you rocking it now? Please feel free to discuss. Until next time...................

My Valentines Day Twist Out

Hello everyone! I haven't wrote a hair post or review in a while. If you read my last hair post, Finally, A Hair Regimen, you know that I'm the queen of a wash and go. I decided to be fancy for my date. He has already said that his favorite hairdo on me is a twist out. Truthfully, it takes to dang long! I like to get in and get as quick as possible. I decided to take my time and look my best.

I started by using Mizani Puriphying (that's how they spell it) Shampoo. I followed it by Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment. I think I should have used a different shampoo conditioner combo. My hair was still tangled after the Sweetback Treatment. I usually use it as a cowash. Anywho, I'm learning... Next I combed it out better than usual. Then, I took small sections and two strand twisted with Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme. I wanted my curls to be more of a straight curl and not a natural curly curl. More on this product later. I put Motions Hydrate my Curls pudding on the ends. I love this product on my ends.

Next I put a head scarf around it and went to youth service at church. Hey, I can't leave the kiddos hanging for my hair lol. By the time I left church my hair was almost dry, winning! I decided to roll them with old school foam rollers. I usually go for flexi rods but I wanted a tighter curl. The next morning I took my rollers out.

The curls were perfect. I fluffed my hair at the roots with a big tooth comb. The I started separating each twist one section at a time. I didn't want to tangle the curl so I put a small amount of oil on my finger tips. Finished! The curl was tighter than I expected but that was okay. I had an appointment with my trainer so I knew that and a shower would loosen them up a bit.

I give the Silkening Creme a 6 out of ten. It really dried my hair out. It was just okay. I could have used my Motions all over. The good thing is my hair still looks good and its Sunday! (Left is VDay and right is today).

I hope this review and semi hair tutorial was helpful. Follow me on Instagram for more pics! Until next time...

Thrifting + Jamaican Food= A Great Friday Night

Friday night I had the pleasure of being invited to the grand opening of Thrift Kitten. A trendy thrift shop located uptown in Dallas (2110 Boll St). I must say, I was impressed! Walking in you feel calm. You don't feel overtaken by two much merchandise or a zillion people asking to help you. You feel as though the employees are your friends. Very nice. Very friendly. AND they had cupcakes! This may make my judgement a bit bias but again, cupcakes! AND wine. Need I say more? I didn't think so. Here are some great shots of the fierce decor.......

 Such a great selection of shoes! I love the placement and decor!

This picture is a bit dark but I wanted to capture the light fixture. Very nice!

Coffee and shoes? Why yes, thank you!

Beautiful seating area. The books were a great touch. I found myself flipping through a few.
If you love thrifting, I highly recommend you stop by the shop and sip on coffee and eat a cupcake while you shop. Might I add, they give you 40% of retail (not 25 or 30 like the other places). I was floored when I was offered over 50 bucks for my never worn and gently used pieces.

For those of you who love thrifting for your kiddos check out Double Scoop Boutique  ! They have the cutest name brand clothing for babies! Things sell out rather quickly so hurry!

Now on to the Jamaican food. I wasn't feeling well and decided I was going to go home, take a nice hot bubble bath, and SLEEP! What had happened was (lol) my friend Nifah called and asked did I want to get a bite to eat at Taste of the Islands. Well, YEA! They have the best Jamaican food AND atmosphere. Last week we went to a Jamaican food place (that shall remain nameless) in Dallas that was good but the service was horrible, slow, and rude! Here's how I felt when she said they ran out of shrimp at 6pm (lol ain't no mo grean beans!)... (Please excuse some of the jokes)............

 Not taste of the Islands! You walk in and someone greets you. They help you select your food and give you samples! I LOVE the meat pies BUT I can't have beef for now so I had to watch my friend eat hers..... I decided on the jerk chicken and shrimp. The cabbage and peas were so yummy! If your ever in Plano stop by Taste of the Islands. The music is great and they sale authentic products (and frozen meat pies)!

Until next time..................

The Rundown: Diet Bet , Endo Sister, and A Brand New Challenge

Hello everyone and welcome to The Rundown. These last two weeks have been soooo busy. First up, The BietBet. Read about the challenge I participated in here. My 4% weight loss goal was about 7lbs. No, I didn't make my goal so I didn't get to split the pot (insert sad face here). I lost a total of 5.5 lbs. I only worked out about 5 times during the four week challenge. This proved to me that losing weight is 80% what you eat. For the most part, I ate very well. Even though I couldn't workout due to being in pain, I was still able to follow my calories and loose weight. Which brings me to my "Endo Sisters".

If you haven't read my piece on living with Endometriosis  you can read it here. Soon after that piece was written, a group called Endo Sisters reached out to me on twitter. I never knew a community of women dealing with the same thing I am dealing with existed  They post great articles and alternative treatment info. Some of the information that is being published I have never known or heard of. My doctor has not given me many choices and I often felt like there was nothing I could do but sit in pain. Not the case! Which brings me to mt brand new challenge.

One of the articles that was posted  by one of my  Endo Sisters last week focused on what to eat and not eat. I had no clue Soy could be aiding in my pain due to not being organic and stuff that was in it. I eat a lot of Soy products and drink soy on the regular. It also effect men less due to they digest it faster. So for the next month I will be cutting out Soy products, red meat (don't really eat much anyway), dairy, and caffeine  I will also cut back tremendously on processed foods. The most difficult part will be cutting out caffeine  I drink the strongest coffee I can find every morning. I will have a mostly vegetarian diet with the exception of sea food. The article stated I could have very little chicken. I think I may steer clear though. I will also be juicing more. Prayerfully, I will be in less pain this month so I can finish my sessions with my personal trainer. I've missed twelve in the last two months due to pain. Bright side is they don't fall off! YAY! Until next time................

He Gives and Takes Away

Job 1:21 "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised."

Today is a bitter sweet day for me. Two years ago today, my sister gave birth to my precious nephew Miles. He is such a joy! He sings, dances, and cleans his plate (and will clean yours too)! He wakes up every morning with a smile on his face AND he sleeps about ten hours a night. I believe he sleeps so long because of all the energy he uses to keep his mother on her toes. Happy Birthday Miles!

 Today is bitter sweet because at the same time my sister was giving birth, my father lost his life. God was ready for him even though we didn't want to give him up. He was the BEST dad ever! He told me he loved me everytime we talked and everytime he we were together. He NEVER said no to me. Ever. I only remember him spanking me one time. He looked as though he was going to cry lol. My Moma Jean on the other hand had no trouble picking up the spanking slack lol. He also claimed me even though I wasn't his own. From the time I was a baby until now, I have known him as my Daddy George. Him and his wife (Moma Jean) took me on vacations and family reunions and always introduced me as "our baby girl". My sister Sandy always took care of me and looked out for me. My brother Wayne ALWAYS picked on me. I never felt like I didn't belong. Rest in peace Daddy. This song is for you...

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