Past, Present, and Future! New Seasons!

Hello everyone! I know it's been forever since I've blogged. I decided to take some time out to figure out what direction I wanted to go with my blog. Major changes have happened over the last few months. I've grown and found myself heading in one direction. Hair! LOL, don't get me wrong. I love my hair! BUT, I'm so much more than that. We shall see what happens. Until then, lets go down memory lane. I've been quite the traveler this year. In March I went to Memphis with a friend.

I had a great time at the Martin Luther King Jr memorial. I enjoyed taking pictures and reading facts that I didn't even know. Just seeing the makings of that day really made me think. I went to a predominantly white school growing up. Every time we would have a play or study on history, I would ALWAYS have to play Martin Luther King or do research on him. It erked me to no end! It still erks me lol. I just wish I had more information back then. Anywhooooooo...... Graceland was huge. It was pretty. It just had to much going on for me lol. The tour was way to long. I finished early and sat on a bench. Sent a few emails and texted friends while my friend looked around. I will say that his work ethic was great. The Elvis in Vegas section was very interesting.

I also went to Jamaica! I was saddened by the environment around the resort. We are very blessed here in the United Stated. I couldn't imagine.....Next time I go I either want to go with a huge group of people or my beau.

 I found myself laying on the alllll day everyday.
                                                                                                                                                                     I went on a short trip to Atlanta to go to an ItWorks event. Had a blast with my family. It was my only trip with my sister this yea.        

I went to numerous hair events. This year I learned how to communicate with my hair lol. I must say, I had some pretty great hair days.

I also took a leap of faith and opened my own online jewelry store! This was one of the scariest thing I have ever done. I named it JCAdorn! I want to adorn ladies (and guys in the near future) with great affordable pieces! Here's a few pieces.............

The most exciting thing that has happened to me was recently. My beau asked for my hand in marriage and I said YES! This is why I'm having such a hard time with the direction of my blog. 

Please join me in prayer for our union! 

I pray that this year will be blessed beyond measure for each and everyone of you! Until next time................PEACE AND BLESSINGS, Jessie!

My Blowout With A Twist

Hello good people! Hope your week has been productive and blessed. Last week I decided to blow my hair out. It's been a while. I love a blow out! It's just one problem; your style won't last long at all and you have to re-twist every night (insert sad face here). Let's get right to business shall we.....

Here are the products that I used. Motions Natural Texture Heat Styled Straight Finish Cleanser. It came in a curl box. I like it.Nothing really stood out about it. Not bad at all though....

Curl Care Curl Friendly Blowout Foam. Came in the same curl box as the product above. I really like this product. My curls always go back without a problem.

You Be Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. LOVE.THIS.PRODUCT. My hair felt sooooo soft!

You Be Natural Defrizz Define and Shine Serum. I used it to take down my twist. I really like this product as well.

I used the conditioner as a pre-poo. I like to condition first. Plus when I pre poo it allows me to deep condition after shampooing and I get better results. Just my thing. I became lazy and didn't deep condition though; which defeated the purpose of my pre-poo........le sigh.....

After, I blew dry my hair straight. Took about 20 minutes max.

I created eight twist. I put a roller on the ends of each twist along with the defrizz serum. Then I took my sleepy self to bed.  When I woke up six hours later I took the roller out with defrizz serum on my fingertips. My hair frizzes so easily. This method helps. Oil helps as well. Fluffed and puffed. All done!

This style is pretty basic and one of the easiest styles that I do. October I will step my game up! I'm having an October challenge. I will do my hair once a week and blog about it. Please feel free to hold me accountable lol. I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair. Wash and go then I'm out. I want to be more bold and learn more ways to do more fabulous styles. YOU TUBE HERE I COME! Until next time..............

The Perfect Twist Out vs The Perfect Wash and Go

Hello everyone! I have been one busy lady these last couple of weeks. So busy that I forgot to post the best twist out that I've ever done lol. I've been soaking up so much info over the last two months and applied all of it to my tresses in order to pull off (what I refer to) the perfect twist. I used my transitioning kit (even though I'm fully natural) that I spoke about here.

First, I washed my hair with the cleanser (smells divine). After a thorough wash I applied the Coconut Curlada for about 30 minutes. I would be lying if I said I rinsed it all out. I left a little in my hair. Next I towel dried and then I applied the defining moments curl defining serum to combed out hair. I created four sections. Now time to start my twist!

I used a technique I learned at a hair event. I started off with a braid. Mid way I stopped braiding; split the middle sections, and twisted it all the way down to the ends. I sealed the ends and my edges with the edge control. Once I was done with all my twist I let them partially dry. Once they were partially dry, I added foam roller to the end. Time for bed!

When I awoke the next morning my twist were dry. I took the rollers out and separated my twist with oil on my fingertips. I find that my hair is so much smoother if I have oil on my hands when I take my hair down. Now fluff! I start at the root then make my way down. I use a comb at the root and my fingers everywhere else. All done! It lasted four days. Below is how my hair looked all four days.

I call this the twist, roll, separate, and fluff method!

Now for my go to style! The wash and go. If you've read any other article on my blog about hair, you would know that this is my all time favorite. The reason why I'm calling this one my favorite is because my hair was so soft and it moved with no wind lol. That's how light it is. I was blessed to be a presentation model at a hair event Tuesday and was able to get some pretty great samples. I also purchased some product as well.

I washed my hair with the sample of  You Be Natural (a Lusters product) moisturizing and detangling shampoo. My hair was put in Bantu knots so I needed this in order to wash the style out. I had my conditioner on stand by just in case it didn't detangle. Low and behold it did! I love this shampoo. I try to only shampoo my hair twice a month. I co-wash twice a week. BUT this product may make me add an extra shampoo in the mix. After I towel dried I applied Sapote Hair Lotion by Pura Body Naturals. I won it at an event. It is super light and it smell soooooo good. Made my hair even softer than it already was. After, I applied the You Be Natural Defrizz Define & Shine Serum. You can tell by the pictures up top how shiny my hair is. I put on a bonnet and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and shook my hair out with my fingers and went to work. Bottom left corner. You can't tell how shiny it is because of lighting, but it was still shiny and it was fluffy. I will be using these products on a normal basis.

What are your go to products? What techniques do you have for a perfect twist out or wash and go? Please share with this product junky HA! Until next time....................................

Challenge Accepted!!!

Hello everyone! I am sooooo excited about this new challenge my fellow Wrap sisters and I am having. You've seen the pictures on Instagram and Facebook of all those 30 day challenges. Well, we're doing three of them! Yes, three! Pray for me lol.

I started last night (September 1st) and let me tell you..........My legs feel life a noodle. I haven't done anything besides walk briskly and light weight jog for the last two months. I know; shame on me..........

For the next month we will wrap (Ultimate Body Applicator .) once a week. I'm wrapping my tummy for the first two weeks. Take our ItWorks supplements (fat fighter, greens, thermo fit, ect.). We will do each one of these challenges and also keep up with our food for the day. We're holding each other accountable by posting it on My Fitness Pal. You can follow me if you would like @jessie9981. If you are interested in any of the products we're using be sure to check out my site I will be posting before and after pictures each week! Till next time........................

All things HAIR Related!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend! Mine was fabulous! I went to a great hair event called Bella Glam Sip and Style. I had a great time and learned a load of information that I wanted to share with fellow hair junkies like myself.

Julian and Vee from Bella Kinks gave some great tips! Each guest was also given an AWESOME bag with loads of goodies!

Told ya! LOADS of goodies! I'm most excited about the transitioning kit. I didn't transition. I big chopped. Here's my theory: IT'S JUST HAIR! If I can't grow it, I can weave it and sew it. I've seen far to many people with about 4 inches of waviness or puffiness at the top and broken strands just lingering at the bottom.Not cute. But we'll talk more about that later. I love the kit because it has some really great products in it.

Creamy Curl cleanser, Coconut Curlada, Defining Moments Curl Release Serum, and the Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste are the contents of the box. I.Am.Excited!

Here are a few pebbles of wisdom Julian gave us:
Find your porosity in order to find what products to use NOT your curl pattern (no wonder it was always a hit or miss when using new products. Some product just sit on your hair; this is why).
Put lavender, tea tree oil, and rose mary in an 8 oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner in order to stimulate the scalp (which in turn stimulates growth and helps with scalp issues).
Curly Whip by Hair Rules is great for wash and goes.
Black tea rinses help with excessive shedding.
Let your hair and scalp breath. Don't just wear braids and sew-ins all the time.

The best advice she gave was to the ladies transitioning. Not all transitions are created equal! She stated that she transitioned by wearing a sew in and when she big chopped her perm off the front was limp and didn't curl like the rest of her hair. I tell people this all the time; when you keep putting heat on a tiny section of hair and not the rest you will get these results. She ended up big chopping again (her hair is fabulous!!!).

I won't leave you without showing you my latest results of my go to style. The wash and go! The two products I used were the BEST thus far of all the products I have under my sink lol. I got them out of my July CurlBox.

As you can see, my curls are defined. They're also soft and shiny. If you have any questions please email me at If you have a great product that I should try, leave a comment below. If you've tried any of the product above please let me know what you thought of them. Until next time............................

Top Five: Things I Will Say to my Daughter

I have a strong urge to be a successful business woman, a wife, and a great best friend. However, the strongest urge I have is to give birth to a daughter. My desire stems from wanting to break a generational curse.

Before going on, I would like to say that I have been away from writing on my blog for a while. I blame it on writers block and business. Deep down, this is not true. The truth comes from not wanting to allow myself to go deeper with my readers and to awake hurtful feeling within myself. Today I received a wake up call. My up line and friend told me she read my blog and stated, " Your blog is about to minister to a whole lot more women who NEED to understand what this independent woman thing is about!"

This not only reminded me that people are watching; it also reminded me that God sends people in your life for a reason. She spoke something for me that I didn't have the guts to speak into myself. A fire started within that wouldn't calm until words started to lead my fingertips.

You see, my mother didn't have a good relationship with her mother. I do not have a good relationship with my mother. I know it's a generational curse. I also know that since I have identified it, I have a chance  (with God's help) to break it....

1) I love you. These words will be the first words that baby Ella (yes, I have named my baby already lol) will hear. These words will be consistent through out her life. I can't remember more than one time that I heard this from my mother  before graduating from high school. Now that I think about it, none of family says this. The only reason why I say it so much is because of my church family, but that's another post for another day.

2) You were conceived in love. I want Ella to know that not only do I love her, I love her father (we love each other). For ME, it is important that I have kids while married. Again, for ME. I know plenty of single women holding it down. I salute you. I was blessed as a child to have God parents who modeled what it meant to be married and raise your children. They were always their for us in every way possible. I always had a support system. I was also blessed to see the other side of the coin. It made me have an even bigger desire to do better.

3) You're worth the wait. No one ever told me this before the age of 26. I never heard this preached before the age of 25 which was far away from the 16 year old who decided to give away her virginity freely with no idea of what she was in for  (I wrote about it here).  I don't want to be that mother taking her daughter to get contraceptive or to get tested for an STD or taking her to CVS for a pregnancy test. I want her to know her body is special. Her gift should be given to someone who knows her worth and respects her as a wife first.

4) I apologize. So many times parents mess up, big time. That's okay. We are human. I want to be able to say I apologize with out any if, ands, or buts about it.  If and when that time comes, I want to be able to come to her with love and apologize.

5) You are beautiful (smart, funny, unique, a gift). I know how important it is for young ladies to hear these words early on. I also know first hand the length young ladies will go in order to hear this from other people when they have never heard it at home. Self esteem and the need for acceptance has played a huge part in my life. At first I wanted my biological father to acknowledge me. After that, I wanted my mother to acknowledge me. When that didn't pan out, I sought acceptance from my boyfriend. Do you see where this is going?

Again, this is MY list. It may not pertain to everyone. Everyone may not agree to what I'm saying. Please remember, this is MY testimony. This is MY healing process. I also know that God may not give me the daughter that I desire. I will count it all joy either way. Fact is, it could be His way of breaking the curse. Maybe the third or forth generation has passed. I have no nieces on my mothers side so that may not be to far fetched.

Hug you babies...What is something that you would tell your daughter? Until next time............................

Learning To Love Yourself

Hello everyone! Oh how I've missed you. I can't believe it's been all month since I wrote my last post. SHAME!!! I've been so busy with my side hustle. Forgive me loves! I will do better in June.....

I've also been reflecting and healing. I still haven't written but my creative juices have been flowing. The piece that I'm presenting to you today is actually a piece I wrote for another blog back in February. I needed this today so I decided to share with my readers. I hope you enjoy.

To some people, loving yourself sounds like a no brainer. It sounds like a feeling or action that you should automatically have. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for so many women. How we were raised, if our father was around, the media, and so many factors somehow has played a part in the way we view ourselves. Some women even go as far as hating themselves due to these factors.
Let’s change that! For 21 days (or FOREVER) focus on you! Here are a few steps to help push you into the right direction. Let’s face it; we can’t have a healthy love for someone else until we have a healthy love for ourselves. Why 21 days? That’s how long it typically takes to form a habit.
Learn your love language and use it on yourself (and others). My love language is words of Affirmation. I started telling myself things I like to hear. Why? I wanted to renew my mind with positive thoughts about myself. Your thoughts can control you. Act of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch are the other love languages.
Address your baggage. This is important. So many times we carry “stuff” around that affects our relationship with other people and ourselves. Depression, fear, anxiety, and abandonment affect our lives and how we treat others. I have an issue with abandonment. I also grew up without my biological father. Do you see how these are closely related? I had to realize that it had nothing to do with me. I am enough with or without my earthly father.
Accept constructive criticism as constructive and not just criticism. It can be hard for people to critique us at times. We feel as though nothing we do is good enough or we can’t do anything right. This is not the case. Some people want to see us grow and do well in life. This brings me to my next point….
Surround yourself with positive people. Misery loves company. Don’t let people who aren't happy with themselves (or anybody else) transfer that energy to you. 1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” Your friends should encourage you, love you, and tell you the truth.
Last but not least, find your purpose! We are most happy when doing something we love. What are your gifts and talents? Ask yourself, “What is it that I do well?” Or, “What is something that I would do for free?” This will not only allow you to be who God has called you to be, but it will allow you to be confident in your abilities. Your self esteem will be higher because of it.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. In the words of India Arie “Go on and love yourself cause everything’s gonna be just fine.”

"I Guess I Forgot What I Came Here For..."


Have you ever opened the fridge or went into another room and asked yourself, “What did I need from here?”  I have an even better one. Have you ever went to Wal-Mart or Target for ONE product but somehow came out with a hundred bucks worth of everything except the product that you needed? This also happens when referring to our purpose or goals we set for ourselves. We lose sight of what we came here for.

Being distracted has always caused me to lose sight of what I really needed to be doing. Example: I've been talking about blogging for over a year now. I just recently (November 1st, 2012) started my blog. It took me all of twenty minutes to set up my page. I spent a couple of weeks before planning topics to write (almost none of which I've used). What distracted me? Fear! Fear of failure. Fear of no one reading it. Fear of hurting someone’s feelings with my realness. Sad, but true. I let fear drive me into delaying my number one goal and withholding information that someone might have needed.

How could I forget that my testimony was not for my journal but for the world? How could I forget the vision that God had given me as a young adult? How could I ignore my passion and deny someone water for their thirst? Thank God for friends who encouraged me to not operate in fear. At the end, I recognized how lame it was for me to focus on all the negative and not the positive.

Now that I am over my fear (and myself) I have flourished. I've gotten countless comments and encouraging emails. People have emailed me to let me know that something I said encouraged them or helped them in some sort of way. I've gotten comments that are so sweet and I've also gotten advice (which is priceless).
Are you in place where you've forgotten what you came here for? Ask yourself this; what am I gaining by not doing what’s on my heart to do? 

The Detached Libra

Hello everyone! Oh how I've missed my blog. Been dealing with some "situations" so I've been at a loss of words or dare I say it, DETACHED, this past week. I sat in front of my laptop twice with a zillion words in my head. Unfortunately, the words were not at my fingertips. I went through a break up a couple of weeks ago so I am feeling even more detached from everything and everybody. BUT, I'm also feeling a bit carefree and a bit jolly... Hmmmm, strange.

Their element is Air. Air signs can often seem detached, cold. and aloof. Air signs can often be kind, caring, loving towards others, open minded at accepting others for how they are, Original, value freedom- after all Air is space and air signs do require this. Air signs are the mind and the intellect. As most air signs, Libra is a great communicator and do indicate logic. As well as the positives to air signs and libra, there are negative attributes as well. Those who do know us well, can say sometimes we live in a fantasy world, which isn't always bad because we will come up with inventive ways to approach things or make things original, so to say we pull things out of thin air. Though our fantasy world can make us not realize the real world and can make us have trouble dealing with it. Air can be detached, from reality and other people's feelings, and can come off as emotionless. As air does care for others and enjoys being around other people and helping those out in need, and fixing a problem where we can analyze the situation, we can appear foggy and musty when we are detached. Read more here!

 The Libra is known for being detached. We are nice at first but then once you try to build a relationship with us (friendship) we can seem a little off putting or stuck up.   Not the case. For me the problem comes after the initial meeting. It's weird for me to get to know new people. I feel somewhat awkward. I think being detached is a way of putting up a guard or a diversion. I once had a friend who told me she tried to be my friend for a while. I also had someone I serve in ministry with tell me that he thought I was kinda stuck up but once he got to know he thought differently. 

I think I can be quiet at times around people I don't know. I make judgments in my head lol. I know, so wrong. This is how my bubble looks: "Something about her I don't like. Why is she asking me so many questions? Why does she want my number? I don't have room in my circle!" Those are my exact thoughts most of the time. For some reason (childhood probably) I think someone always has a motive. Working on that one...

I also become detached when emotional situations arise. When I see someone in a bad situation or feel soryy for someone. Example: I was at Disney World and seen a kid in a wheelchair while the other kids were running around. That kid was on my mind for atleast an hour. Also, I'm in a position where people tell me problems all the time. I feel like I detach myself so that I won't put myself in the situation or get to involved with it. I'm a fixer so when someone comes to me with a problem I try to fix it or give them suggestions on how to fix it. I had to learn that some people want to tell you there issues but want you to shut up and not give advice or try to fix it. This is hard for me because when I have an issue I automatically put my thinking cap on to figure out a way to solve it or dissolve it. I probably need to be sitting on someones couch.

And yes! I do live in a fantasy world sometimes. I talk to myself and think of stuff in my head that is ridiculous. That's why I love being at home by myself. I get to have so many ideas! Which brings me to the next installment of my Libra series. I'm an introvert acting as an extrovert. No worries! We will get to the positive......Until next time...................

When the Libra is Not so Balanced....

Libra Traits: The Balanced Ones, the Libra are tactful, fair and charming to the core. They are attractive people, and their calm, easy-going demeanor is sure to attract a lot of attention from the others. Often balanced in their approach to others and the life situations, the Libra are diplomatic and amiable, and find it difficult to say no to anyone. They are also prone to indecision and may also be alleged as insincere and artful. Overall, they may be selfish sometimes, may even be detached, but are rarely back-stabbers. More traits here!

It feels good to be called "The Balanced Ones". Here lately I have not been so balanced. Why? Because I have not been able to really have the time of reflection that I normally have ( well, part of the reason). I am a true Libra which means I am selfish to some degree (a high degree). I NEED my me time. I need my reflection time. I need to think and regroup. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had that. 

Saturday, however, I was able to. I was able to spend the morning thinking and planning and plotting my next move. I was able to clean and talk to myself (AKA, dance in the middle of the living room). I was also able to hang with some pretty down to earth ladies that I haven't laid eyes on in a minute. We went to the art festival and I only took two pictures and the ladies I was with didn't take any. Do you know how good that feels?! Why does that feel good you ask? Because I didn't have to stop or pose or take pictures for someone or myself. I was able to soak in the moment. I was able to laugh and be silly without posing. I was able to enjoy my friends and not worry about my shiny face. Memories are not tied to pictures. Pictures are tied to memories...

Am I back to the balanced Libra that I know and love? Not quite but I think a spa day and a hair appointment will fix that quick, fast, and in a hurry! I know, so selfish lol. Next week we will tackle the "Detached" Libra. Yes, I can be very detached at times. Until next time.....

Chicken with the Head Cut Off!

Hello everyone! How have you all been??? First off, let me say I am missing my blog and the blog community. Every since I've started a side business I've been running around like a chicken with the head cut off! I have at least two wrap appointments everyday AND I have a 9-5 AND ministry. What does this mean? It means I have to do better at time management.  Point. Blank. Period. I decided to only make wrap appointments on certain days unless its an emergency (weddings, birthdays, ect.) and only ship packages on certain days as well. I didn't know how much time shipping packages really took up until I had more than one to ship! My business is really taking off so I have to start putting up some boundaries now before my personal life takes a hit (like it already has). If you haven't read my last post click here! to see what exactly I've been up to.

Also, if your a "regular" , notice anything different??? My blog has been getting a mayor update around here. Not quite done yet. I still have to add some info. Any tips? I will gladly take some lol. I met the nicest, kindest Etsy dealer (Trina) back when I first started blogging. She designed my blog and I have once again come to her for a face lift. She is VERY reasonable and literally held my hand and made design decisions I couldn't make lol. I know, I'm a mess. I can't wait to finish! I decided to start offering sponsorship and advertising. Again, I need advice PLEASE lol!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I can't wait to get back on track NEXT week. I have some fun things in store and a GIVEAWAY coming real soon! Until next time...........................

ItWorks! Deal Or Dud?

Hello everyone! This is my first time blogging all week. I've been on a mission; a weight loss mission! Back in December I blogged about a challenge that my gym was having. The Weigh In also mentioned a new method I tried that led to a 5lb loss the week before weigh in. Well, that method was ItWorks. I bought the products from a friend and right off the bat I could tell a huge difference. My skin was getting firm instead of looking like jelly and I had energy. I went through the Christmas holiday without using it and New Years. I gained a few lbs since then and decided to go back to the method that really worked for me (don't know why I stopped in the first place).I worked out once during this process.

I started last Monday. I weighed in at a little over 183. By Sunday morning I was 177.2. I didn't have a digital scale so I decided to go buy one so I could give you ladies (and gents) a clear and accurate view.

 As you can see, I weighed myself almost everyday lol. My final weigh came Tuesday night.........

About 7 lbs down in 8 days! I'm on the Skinny Pack. It comes with four body wraps, fat blockers, and defining gel. FYI, the fat blockers help to bring down glucose levels. They are safe to use if you have high blood pressure. I also purchased the Greens.They curb your appetite, boost metabolism, and give you 8 servings of fruit and vegetables. They make me feel energized in the morning. Results from a body wrap...
 Here is my progressive before and after. As you can see, I had a slight change the morning after and a huge change the day after that. I love them! A couple of inches gone and my skin is getting firmer by the day! I also wrapped my arms!
As you can see, my skin is much smoother and firmer. The top is after. I love my results. I loved them so much I started selling the products! I've wrapped 4 people already and have two appointments for the next two days. My kit came in right away. I'm glad I ordered extra wraps! EVERYONE that I've wrapped has been satisfied and I'm glad to help change someones life and boost confidence.  If you would like to try a ITWorks body wrap or product, shoot me an email and I can give you a breakdown of how the product works. I also sell them for $25 a piece plus shipping and handling (2.50 for just a wrap). Check out my website here!

I can answer any and all questions via email!

Lets get fine for the summertime! Until next time...........................

My First CurlBox

 Hello everyone! I have been on vacation and I have really missed blogging. Dontcha just hate coming back to a zillion emails and fires that need to put out??? Geesh! But, it was all worth it! More details about my vacation this weekend. I was pleased to come home from work yesterday to this beauty.......

CurlBox was created for women to be able to try different products without paying high prices. Pretty great for only 20 bucks a month. I spend more than that sometimes on one product. Here's a look inside.

Two full size products, the full line sample pack of Nothing But products, coupon for two dollars off of Dark and Lovely Au Naturale products, and a sample of Twisted Sista blow drying creme.

First up, Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard. I can't wait to try this. Retails for about 7 bucks.

Dr. Miracles Curl Friendly Blowout Foam. Retails for 9 bucks. So far I've spent 16 bucks. This should be great for blowouts. I will be trying this next week.

Speaking of blowouts, Twisted Sista Blow Drying Creme. It's supposed to smooth and relax and moisturize. We shall see.... Price, free. Very small sample.

Next up Nothing But Sample Pack. It has five samples inside plus a coupon for a dollar off (side eye). Nothing But Curl Sealer, Clarifying Shampoo, Pure Pudding, Intense Healing Mask (for your hair), and Cleansing Conditioner. I got free samples of some of these a few months ago. Didn't really like this product but I haven't tried everything together. Maybe it will be better.....Cost, less than four bucks with the dollar off coupon.

Lastly, a two dollar off coupon for Dark and Lovely Au Naturale. This comes in handy because I was planning on trying the product anyway.

All in all, I'm still on the fence about keeping my subscription. Yes, I got products that I wouldn't normally use. My thing is, alot of natural women I know don't straighten at all or very seldom. I'm sure they would be very upset with this one. I'm going to give it another month and see what the box holds for me next month. Six out of ten for now......................

Until next time.........................

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