The Weigh In


I have been absolutely nervous for about three days over this weigh in. Just in case you missed my post about the 21 day challenge I was apart of, you can read it here. I weigh myself every week. Last Monday the scale read 184. When I started off my challenge I was 187. I was bummed out about the 3 lb weight loss. I guess because I set a goal and thought I wouldn't make it. I have decided to share with you my actual stats! Here goes nothing (or everything).

                    Start         Now
BMI            34.10       32.70
Body Fat     37.3         36.6
lbs BF          69            65
Hips             45            45
Thigh           26 3/4     25 1/4   x2=3inch
Calf             15 3/4     15 1/2   x2=.5
Waist           35 1/2     35 1/4   x2=.5
Neck            13            13
Arm              13            13
Chest           42 3/4     42 1/4   .5
Weight          187          179

A total weight loss of 8 lbs and 4.5 inches in 21 days! I surpassed my weight loss goal by 1 lb. I didn't make my 7 inch goal, but that's okay. I'm pretty stoked about the 8 lb loss. In a later post I will break down exactly what I did. I want to see if this method continues work first. What's next? I'm going on a 30 day challenge starting tomorrow (gotta keep it moving). My goal for 30 days is ten lbs and six inches. I'm also considering hoping on  The Diet Bet my friend Kim recently blogged about. Two challenges at one time? "Could be, could be not. Who's to say."




  1. Get it, girl! You are one brave sister, publishing your stats...I'm sure it's an amazing form of accountability. You may have just motivated me to start now rather than later. I'll definiely let you know if I join or start a Diet Bet. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Kim! I decided to do it for the accountability. Yes, please let me know. It looks fun and I'm glad that more than one person can win.

  2. Wow this is a terrific achievement. Go Go for your goal and let us know what you have accomplished from your 30 day challenge.
    I found you in Almost Friday bloghop. newest follower.


    1. Thank you Judy and I will be sure to keep you updated! Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be sure to swing through.

  3. Wow 8lbs in 21 days ! You go girl ! So proud of you. I just started working out again and I think you just inspired to me take it a step further by recording my weight and stats and really setting an achievable goal for myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you and have an excellent Christmas !

    Gertrude @ A Chosen Remnant.

    1. Thank you Gertrude! Yes, please record your weight. If you need someone to keep you accountable I can. Just email me and we can go from there. God bless you and have a great holiday!