A Heart For Kelli




Hello everyone! Meet my friend Kelli. She is a bright, energetic, beautiful mother of three.  She is not only my friend, but my sister in Christ. My sister needs a heart transplant.

Kelli, who is 36 years old, developed Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure in 2011 when she became pregnant with her twin boys; Karson and Dillan born on February 7, 2012. At age 22 she battled Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and after several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and finally with a Stem Cell Transplant, she won her fight. Her heart is only functioning between 15-20% and she has just been placed on the heart transplant list which can take between 1-2 years to receive.

kelly twins 

Here’s a snap shot of Dillan and Karson. I can’t believe they're already ten months! Below is Kelly and her eldest, Kaylan. Kaylan is the most mature eighteen year old I have ever met. She is also a college student.




Please join me in coming alongside this family.Below are three links to help support Kelli and her family; the first one links to a website with other links that enable you to directly donate on giveforward.com or to purchase a <3 For Kelli bracelet for $5. The 3rd link is our Facebook group “Support Kelli’s Heart” where we post informative updates and others can show their support through words of encouragement and/or prayer.

Kelli’s page http://www.giveforward.com/mysistersheart

Here’s the link to buy a $5 bracelet http://www.supportkellisheart.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/362833507139484/

Please pray for my friend and her family during this season.



  1. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will absolutely be thinking of you and your dear friend in the days ahead.

    The boys and I will be boarding a plane soon in search of holidays with loved ones and snow-- oh my goodness we may just freeze our little island toes off, but I wanted to stop by here first, to:

    Thank you for being a sweet part of last week's An Aloha Affair.
    And, to personally invite you to join us again today.


  2. Thank you Nicole! I pray you have safe travels and I will be participating. Have a very merry Christmas!

  3. Jessie, thanks for sharing like this to help your friend. My mother died Oct (2011) from Lymphoma so I definitely had to head over to the donation site to help. I hope your friend gets all the help she needs! May God cover and keep her and bless you too :)!

    If you're interested head over to my site and check out the Generous Givers tab (giving / growing through blogging).

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I'm so sorry for your loss. Also, thank you for heading over to her site. You are so appreciated. I will also be sure to stop by your site. Be blessed!

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