Why I Hired A Trainer

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In my case, 280 bucks a month. The picture to your left is the reason why I decided not to do it alone. I needed more than a text or call from a friend. I needed to be pushed. I needed to know that next summer I wouldn’t be 55 lbs heavier than my sister who just so happened to have given birth 15 months before this picture was taken.
  If your like me, you’ve tried EVERYTHING. I‘ve even researched Lap Band. I’ve drank every shake there was only to realize I would have to continue to drink those shakes if I didn’t learn how to eat. That’s right. I had to learn how to eat and how to replace junk with something healthier. My trainer has given me the tools to work out and eat right when he’s not around.

1. He gave me a meal plan. 80% of loosing weight is what you eat.

2. He showed me exercises I can do at home with out equipment. I can plank and squat like nobody's business.  

3. He gets tough with me. One day he called me into the office and asked me what he could do to help me lose more weight and I was not shedding enough inches for the amount of exercising I was doing. He said I must not be eating right. He was correct. I would eat good all week and as soon as the weekend would get here i would stuff my face. Now, I’m back on track.

I know what your saying. “I’m not about to pay for someone to tell me what I already know.” And that's cool. I’m not saying go and get a trainer. I’m saying invest in your health instead of paying a higher doctors note down the road. Get a workout partner. Get up and walk. A walk becomes a jog and a jog becomes a run. You never know what you can do until you try.

I started a two week challenge today. If I lose four pounds with in the next two weeks I get to buy these lovely boots. my boots I was going to buy them anyway, but I decided to challenge myself even more than I have been lately. I also know that I run the risk of missing out on my size. Seriously, every body and they momma wear a size 8 1/2 or 9. Geesh! I will write an update half way through and even give you a break down of my at home work out. It’s time to get back to mission “Get it right, Get it tight.”

Are you currently trying to lose weight? Need a workout partner or accountability partner? Have you been thinking about investing in a trainer? Lets discuss!

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