My Blowout With A Twist

Hello good people! Hope your week has been productive and blessed. Last week I decided to blow my hair out. It's been a while. I love a blow out! It's just one problem; your style won't last long at all and you have to re-twist every night (insert sad face here). Let's get right to business shall we.....

Here are the products that I used. Motions Natural Texture Heat Styled Straight Finish Cleanser. It came in a curl box. I like it.Nothing really stood out about it. Not bad at all though....

Curl Care Curl Friendly Blowout Foam. Came in the same curl box as the product above. I really like this product. My curls always go back without a problem.

You Be Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. LOVE.THIS.PRODUCT. My hair felt sooooo soft!

You Be Natural Defrizz Define and Shine Serum. I used it to take down my twist. I really like this product as well.

I used the conditioner as a pre-poo. I like to condition first. Plus when I pre poo it allows me to deep condition after shampooing and I get better results. Just my thing. I became lazy and didn't deep condition though; which defeated the purpose of my pre-poo........le sigh.....

After, I blew dry my hair straight. Took about 20 minutes max.

I created eight twist. I put a roller on the ends of each twist along with the defrizz serum. Then I took my sleepy self to bed.  When I woke up six hours later I took the roller out with defrizz serum on my fingertips. My hair frizzes so easily. This method helps. Oil helps as well. Fluffed and puffed. All done!

This style is pretty basic and one of the easiest styles that I do. October I will step my game up! I'm having an October challenge. I will do my hair once a week and blog about it. Please feel free to hold me accountable lol. I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair. Wash and go then I'm out. I want to be more bold and learn more ways to do more fabulous styles. YOU TUBE HERE I COME! Until next time..............

The Perfect Twist Out vs The Perfect Wash and Go

Hello everyone! I have been one busy lady these last couple of weeks. So busy that I forgot to post the best twist out that I've ever done lol. I've been soaking up so much info over the last two months and applied all of it to my tresses in order to pull off (what I refer to) the perfect twist. I used my transitioning kit (even though I'm fully natural) that I spoke about here.

First, I washed my hair with the cleanser (smells divine). After a thorough wash I applied the Coconut Curlada for about 30 minutes. I would be lying if I said I rinsed it all out. I left a little in my hair. Next I towel dried and then I applied the defining moments curl defining serum to combed out hair. I created four sections. Now time to start my twist!

I used a technique I learned at a hair event. I started off with a braid. Mid way I stopped braiding; split the middle sections, and twisted it all the way down to the ends. I sealed the ends and my edges with the edge control. Once I was done with all my twist I let them partially dry. Once they were partially dry, I added foam roller to the end. Time for bed!

When I awoke the next morning my twist were dry. I took the rollers out and separated my twist with oil on my fingertips. I find that my hair is so much smoother if I have oil on my hands when I take my hair down. Now fluff! I start at the root then make my way down. I use a comb at the root and my fingers everywhere else. All done! It lasted four days. Below is how my hair looked all four days.

I call this the twist, roll, separate, and fluff method!

Now for my go to style! The wash and go. If you've read any other article on my blog about hair, you would know that this is my all time favorite. The reason why I'm calling this one my favorite is because my hair was so soft and it moved with no wind lol. That's how light it is. I was blessed to be a presentation model at a hair event Tuesday and was able to get some pretty great samples. I also purchased some product as well.

I washed my hair with the sample of  You Be Natural (a Lusters product) moisturizing and detangling shampoo. My hair was put in Bantu knots so I needed this in order to wash the style out. I had my conditioner on stand by just in case it didn't detangle. Low and behold it did! I love this shampoo. I try to only shampoo my hair twice a month. I co-wash twice a week. BUT this product may make me add an extra shampoo in the mix. After I towel dried I applied Sapote Hair Lotion by Pura Body Naturals. I won it at an event. It is super light and it smell soooooo good. Made my hair even softer than it already was. After, I applied the You Be Natural Defrizz Define & Shine Serum. You can tell by the pictures up top how shiny my hair is. I put on a bonnet and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and shook my hair out with my fingers and went to work. Bottom left corner. You can't tell how shiny it is because of lighting, but it was still shiny and it was fluffy. I will be using these products on a normal basis.

What are your go to products? What techniques do you have for a perfect twist out or wash and go? Please share with this product junky HA! Until next time....................................

Challenge Accepted!!!

Hello everyone! I am sooooo excited about this new challenge my fellow Wrap sisters and I am having. You've seen the pictures on Instagram and Facebook of all those 30 day challenges. Well, we're doing three of them! Yes, three! Pray for me lol.

I started last night (September 1st) and let me tell you..........My legs feel life a noodle. I haven't done anything besides walk briskly and light weight jog for the last two months. I know; shame on me..........

For the next month we will wrap (Ultimate Body Applicator .) once a week. I'm wrapping my tummy for the first two weeks. Take our ItWorks supplements (fat fighter, greens, thermo fit, ect.). We will do each one of these challenges and also keep up with our food for the day. We're holding each other accountable by posting it on My Fitness Pal. You can follow me if you would like @jessie9981. If you are interested in any of the products we're using be sure to check out my site I will be posting before and after pictures each week! Till next time........................

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