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Hello everyone! How was your weekend! Mine was fabulous! I went to a great hair event called Bella Glam Sip and Style. I had a great time and learned a load of information that I wanted to share with fellow hair junkies like myself.

Julian and Vee from Bella Kinks gave some great tips! Each guest was also given an AWESOME bag with loads of goodies!

Told ya! LOADS of goodies! I'm most excited about the transitioning kit. I didn't transition. I big chopped. Here's my theory: IT'S JUST HAIR! If I can't grow it, I can weave it and sew it. I've seen far to many people with about 4 inches of waviness or puffiness at the top and broken strands just lingering at the bottom.Not cute. But we'll talk more about that later. I love the kit because it has some really great products in it.

Creamy Curl cleanser, Coconut Curlada, Defining Moments Curl Release Serum, and the Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste are the contents of the box. I.Am.Excited!

Here are a few pebbles of wisdom Julian gave us:
Find your porosity in order to find what products to use NOT your curl pattern (no wonder it was always a hit or miss when using new products. Some product just sit on your hair; this is why).
Put lavender, tea tree oil, and rose mary in an 8 oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner in order to stimulate the scalp (which in turn stimulates growth and helps with scalp issues).
Curly Whip by Hair Rules is great for wash and goes.
Black tea rinses help with excessive shedding.
Let your hair and scalp breath. Don't just wear braids and sew-ins all the time.

The best advice she gave was to the ladies transitioning. Not all transitions are created equal! She stated that she transitioned by wearing a sew in and when she big chopped her perm off the front was limp and didn't curl like the rest of her hair. I tell people this all the time; when you keep putting heat on a tiny section of hair and not the rest you will get these results. She ended up big chopping again (her hair is fabulous!!!).

I won't leave you without showing you my latest results of my go to style. The wash and go! The two products I used were the BEST thus far of all the products I have under my sink lol. I got them out of my July CurlBox.

As you can see, my curls are defined. They're also soft and shiny. If you have any questions please email me at If you have a great product that I should try, leave a comment below. If you've tried any of the product above please let me know what you thought of them. Until next time............................

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