ItWorks! Deal Or Dud?

Hello everyone! This is my first time blogging all week. I've been on a mission; a weight loss mission! Back in December I blogged about a challenge that my gym was having. The Weigh In also mentioned a new method I tried that led to a 5lb loss the week before weigh in. Well, that method was ItWorks. I bought the products from a friend and right off the bat I could tell a huge difference. My skin was getting firm instead of looking like jelly and I had energy. I went through the Christmas holiday without using it and New Years. I gained a few lbs since then and decided to go back to the method that really worked for me (don't know why I stopped in the first place).I worked out once during this process.

I started last Monday. I weighed in at a little over 183. By Sunday morning I was 177.2. I didn't have a digital scale so I decided to go buy one so I could give you ladies (and gents) a clear and accurate view.

 As you can see, I weighed myself almost everyday lol. My final weigh came Tuesday night.........

About 7 lbs down in 8 days! I'm on the Skinny Pack. It comes with four body wraps, fat blockers, and defining gel. FYI, the fat blockers help to bring down glucose levels. They are safe to use if you have high blood pressure. I also purchased the Greens.They curb your appetite, boost metabolism, and give you 8 servings of fruit and vegetables. They make me feel energized in the morning. Results from a body wrap...
 Here is my progressive before and after. As you can see, I had a slight change the morning after and a huge change the day after that. I love them! A couple of inches gone and my skin is getting firmer by the day! I also wrapped my arms!
As you can see, my skin is much smoother and firmer. The top is after. I love my results. I loved them so much I started selling the products! I've wrapped 4 people already and have two appointments for the next two days. My kit came in right away. I'm glad I ordered extra wraps! EVERYONE that I've wrapped has been satisfied and I'm glad to help change someones life and boost confidence.  If you would like to try a ITWorks body wrap or product, shoot me an email and I can give you a breakdown of how the product works. I also sell them for $25 a piece plus shipping and handling (2.50 for just a wrap). Check out my website here!

I can answer any and all questions via email!

Lets get fine for the summertime! Until next time...........................

My First CurlBox

 Hello everyone! I have been on vacation and I have really missed blogging. Dontcha just hate coming back to a zillion emails and fires that need to put out??? Geesh! But, it was all worth it! More details about my vacation this weekend. I was pleased to come home from work yesterday to this beauty.......

CurlBox was created for women to be able to try different products without paying high prices. Pretty great for only 20 bucks a month. I spend more than that sometimes on one product. Here's a look inside.

Two full size products, the full line sample pack of Nothing But products, coupon for two dollars off of Dark and Lovely Au Naturale products, and a sample of Twisted Sista blow drying creme.

First up, Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard. I can't wait to try this. Retails for about 7 bucks.

Dr. Miracles Curl Friendly Blowout Foam. Retails for 9 bucks. So far I've spent 16 bucks. This should be great for blowouts. I will be trying this next week.

Speaking of blowouts, Twisted Sista Blow Drying Creme. It's supposed to smooth and relax and moisturize. We shall see.... Price, free. Very small sample.

Next up Nothing But Sample Pack. It has five samples inside plus a coupon for a dollar off (side eye). Nothing But Curl Sealer, Clarifying Shampoo, Pure Pudding, Intense Healing Mask (for your hair), and Cleansing Conditioner. I got free samples of some of these a few months ago. Didn't really like this product but I haven't tried everything together. Maybe it will be better.....Cost, less than four bucks with the dollar off coupon.

Lastly, a two dollar off coupon for Dark and Lovely Au Naturale. This comes in handy because I was planning on trying the product anyway.

All in all, I'm still on the fence about keeping my subscription. Yes, I got products that I wouldn't normally use. My thing is, alot of natural women I know don't straighten at all or very seldom. I'm sure they would be very upset with this one. I'm going to give it another month and see what the box holds for me next month. Six out of ten for now......................

Until next time.........................

Not So Hidden Treasures and Finally, Vacation

A few months ago I went into Neiman Marcus to buy my favorite make-up, Dior. The best make-up hands down. I only wear it on the weekends. It's way to expensive and "ain't nobody got time for that!" LOL! Drug store make up Monday to Thursday. Anywho, they were giving away free gifts with a hundred dollar purchase. My foundation with powder came out to be 102 after tax, WINNING! They "gave me" a silver clutch. So cute! (Bigger than it looks).

I was so excited about my free gift that I put it on my computer desk (that I never use) and forgot about it until yesterday. Yes, three months after purchase. I happened to be getting ready to go on vacation and needed my wireless mouse and there it was; looking lonely. So I opened it and to my surprise something was inside.

Samples of wonderful perfume. I've been wearing Fancy by Jessica Simpson for the last two years. I've also been wearing Heat by Beyonce (which surprisingly smells very good). I will be trying each and every one of them and investing in quality perfume......maybe.

Now for the big news..........IT'S SPRING BREAK AND I'M GOING ON VACATION! We decided to road trip it this year. Everywhere we wanted to go was way to expensive. We really wanted to go to the beach...Lesigh. Last year we went to Trinidad and spent a great deal of time at the beach. Memories......

 My view from the beach. Beautiful (minus the hairy man under the umbrella).

My toes on the beach lol.

My friend loves to snorkel. She even brought her own flippers. I can't swim.... I know, sad.

Soooo, hmmmmm....B Mobile.

Shark! The best food I have ever had in my life!

 This is the bake and shark sandwich all dressed up. Yummy!

And this is the airport. We had to catch a plane from Tobago to Trinidad.

Pretty relaxing place. I loved the fresh food and the locals were so nice. I can't wait to get back to the beach! Until next time.................................
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Top Five: Adele Songs

Happy Friday everyone! I haven't done a top five since Top Five: Lessons I Learned in my Twenties (a must read). Today I found myself feeling a little down so I decided my pop in my Adele 19 CD and get lost in the lyrics. SIDE NOTE: The lady that sits beside me said that she could not believe I still had CD's. In my mind I was like, " It's not like an tape or 8 Track." I love to buy CD's! I like the pictures and the lyrics or art work.
Anywho, while I was at it, I listened to 21 as well. I LOVE Adele. Her voice and music is timeless. So here goes; my top five Adele songs! This was HARD. Some songs made the list ONLY because of lyrical content.

First up, Chasing Pavements. Man, I've chased a few pavements that led absolutely nowhere.

Melt My Heart To Stone "And I hear your words that I made up. You say my name like there could be an us. I must tidy up my head, I'm the only one in love. I'm the only one in love." Tear! Have you ever been/or acted like the only one in love in a relationship?

He Won't Go. I love this song for personal reasons. Addiction is deep.

Set Fire to the Rain " I let it fall; my heart. And as it fell you rose to claim it." That's poetic!

Last but not least, Hometown Glory. I instantly fell in love with the lyrics and the melody along with the music. It puts me in deep thought and reminds me of where I came from.

What's your favorite Adele song or lyrics? Let's discuss! Until next time.............................

Single Until Married: Married Until Divorced

Hello everyone! I really haven't written anything on relationships since January ..... And by all means, I'm not a relationship expert (hence the 0 kids and 0 husbands) lol. I do feel, however, that I've dodged some bullets and recovered well from heart break and lackluster relationships. This fact does not make me an expert but it makes for great spoken word, possible Snapped episodes, poems, and blog post!

Recently I've noticed a trend in the media and day to day lives. Which makes me ask this very important question. What does single until married and married until divorced mean to us these days? Instead of giving you my opinion; I went to Facebook and messaged a few friends (married and single) for a perspective other than mine. Please feel free to discuss how you feel in the comment section. I will answer and discuss with you!

Married Woman:  The first thing that comes to my mind is people are considered single if they are not married even if they do have a boyfriend because nowhere on paper does it say check if u have a boyfriend. No its check if your married and being married til your divorce to me means that of course if your married and separate then your still considered married. You cannot go out or I should say you should not date being separated. That's a time to get you together and decide on what you wanna do. If its divorce then that's what it is

Single Woman:  Single until marriage: Living, budgeting, planning your life based on your needs and seeking out inner peace, connecting with yourself. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses all in an effort to prepare you for sharing ALL of you with a life partner.Married until divorced: The first thought I get is two people that DIDN'T fulfill all their self-help or developmental needs in their single state. People who haven't analyzed, connected, embraced unconditional love for themselves will never be able share that with a spouse, which if not, will ultimately lead to "the.forbidden" ....DIVORCE..

Single Woman: Seems pretty accurate to me. If I'm not married, I'm single, even if we've been together forever. I'm not a believer in the "wifey" thing. As far as married until divorced, I agree with that as well. I will not knowingly date someone that is married, even if they are separated. To me, that man is still someone's husband.

Single Woman:  Looking at this phrase I think it's about a lack of contentment. It's like saying "I'm single but I do not want to be" or "I'm married (for now at least)".

Married Woman:  Here's my take on it...I believe that you are single until you are married and if you are married then that status stays the same until you are divorced. The titles like, boyfriend, girlfriend, boo thang, wifey, hubby are all just that...titles. The context of the relationship comes when you stand before God and make it legal. I believe that Single is a state of being that one should grow to know and love, for it is holistically you and that is a gift to share it with someone whether it is just a moment or your life. I also believe that once one embarks on the journey of marriage then you are legally bound to that until a divorce is final.

Single Woman:  Single until married sounds like you are on a mission to get married. To me it says unless you know you want to get married then we aren't dating with a purpose and therefore I am single but hanging out with you. Married until divorced sounds like you are preparing for the worse to get divorced. Words have power why even say married until divorced focus on making the blessed union last forever not in the back of your mind planning to be divorced. These are just my thoughts of course people can beg to differ with me.

As you can see, some opinions differ and I LOVE it! What's your take on this bold statement? Lets discuss! Until next time...............................

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